I wonder why the media describes the financial assets of our present economy as “toxic”, as if it had a life of its own, victimising mankind with its poisonous value (or lack thereof). Such a contorted “euphemism” suggests that our current “predicament” had nothing to do with human greed, and surely nothing to do with the financial officers. They are victims too, you know.  It sure sounds like that to me.

Humans – always in self-righteous denial and deflecting the blame.


One Response to “Misnomer”

  1. cksbar Says:

    there`s always a reason for issues like the uk, and the worlds, current debt levels, caused by hedgers and greed and goverments who want everyone to be consumers….who pays for it? us the tax payers, go to the bank for a goverment back loan which the banks gaurantee 75% of and what happens? they wont even lend my company my own money!!!! how much more money will they print so the banks can pay off their debts? trillions? easier still set the debt clock to zero for the public and save giving it to the institutes and self regulating goverments who iresponsible spent it on high risk ventures?…….glad to get that off my chest

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