Need a black hole to clean up my room.

Quote from Leow. Haha.

Thankfully my apartment as isn’t dire as that. Here’s the kitchen:


And Living room:


And who can leave out the toilet?

Here’re some sights of the University Campus:

Gym Haven!

This is the Campus Recreation Center which houses the monster gym

Forgot what this thing was called. It had a frozen fountain below it.

That’s the frozen fountain

Squirrels are everywhere on campus.

Decided to attempt a “daniel leow” yesterday. We cooked french soup, eggs and bread to go with.


My roommate (technically we don’t share rooms but we stay in the same apartment. Easier to say roommate though)
William brought me to Campus Christian Fellowship for lunch, which was served free of charge. I forgot to put the SD card in my camera then, but I guess this is better than nothing:


Poor guy spelt my name with 2 ‘m’s and got chided playfully by a girl: “Who spells ‘Timothy’ with 2 ‘m’s?”


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