Hold & Cold

It’s been cold here in Atlanta, reaching sub-zero degrees celcius at night. However, it can be warm indoors. Can’t really get enough of the smoke-coming out-from-the-mouth phenomena (aka condensation I believe):

Smoke 1

Smoke 2

The weather’s also been dry and I’ve been feeling very sleepy from 7 – 9 pm for the past 2 days. Symptoms of jetlag? Also, the lips are cracking even with lip balm applied. So if I don’t smile in the pictures, it’s not because I’m unhappy. It may hurt to smile! The throat’s also dry. Keep drinking water. Anyway, I shall cut short my dissertation and let the pictures speak my thousand words, hopefully!

Balcony outside Days Inn Motel

Chartered Bus gets us to our Apartments, good stuff!

Getting checked-in our rooms

My Room

My Room 2


Outside my Apartment – North Ave East


North Ave East – To think that I wanted to change my housing apartment!

Alas, time does not permit me to blog any longer. I have more pics, but shall upload them tomorrow or the day after!
(and if not, possibly some other day, but hopefully soon enough)


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