Departure & Arrival

After 24 hours of gruelling flights and transit, I’m now in Atlanta, Georgia.
Spending the night at Days Inn, a motel. Sharing a queen-sized bed with my friend, Daniel Leow.
(This is purely fraternal, I swear. And for one night only)
Apart from experiencing a brain-freeze from the sub-zero weather, I think everything else has panned out without a hitch. Here are some pictures! (Mouseover for description)

Chilling out with Grace, Mervyn & Eugene @ home after watchnight service. Was to receive no eye-shut till my flight

Sheow En post new year @ 0330

One with the Family

BB Boys

Nice and first. Fellow Comrades from NTU

One of those attempts at self-taking. To ridiculous effect.

Narita transit to our 2nd flight.

More NTU comrades

Japanese Customs

Gathering En Masse

Travelator @ Narita. Same like Singapura

View from the concourse @ Narita

The Photogenic Daniel

Darkness in the skies

-18 C @ Minneapolis!

Sad Happy + Tired Daniel Leow

An iPod Vending Machine!

Mcpherson Guitar @ Minneapolis Airport?

Art Pieces along the walls of Minneapolis Airport


Winter Wonderland Minnesota

Blue Skies

On the Coach to Days Inn


3 Responses to “Departure & Arrival”

  1. Dad Says:

    Thank God. How is your guitar?

  2. Dad Says:

    Maybe you should upload your friend camera and vice versa. You will have their photos and they will have yours. Better still, upload both.

  3. lyd Says:

    join facebook.

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