Some 1

‘God, help me’.

I said “Surely I will not sin again”,
for your love cannot be taken for granted.

The flesh has no hold on me, for He has
broken the chains of sin and death.

The LORD has given me kin and kith,
Men and Women, young and old –
He has nourished my bones and
given many things to hold.
(Many are the joys of the children of God)

Yet I have chosen to take a path of my own.
My soul cringes at the thoughts I have sown.

What have I done? What have I done?

It is a cycle I do not wish to repeat
Yet these tendencies are hard to beat

Why have I done?  Why have I done?

Then I considered it all:

Lonely and afflicted I have become,
So that I will not put myself above others,
or pour forth judgement like a Pharisee.
So that I will find sufficiency in grace,
And not in my own efforts.
So that the sufferings of people
will no longer be distant
Grace and love will be closer than ever

Forgive me LORD, for I have sinned against you.
I do not know what I’m doing.
I repent and believe.

How can I say what I feel inside,
When it hurts so much just to break Your heart?

Teach me LORD, to be what I was created to be.

For at the end of life, I will hit the grave,
and find it all a waste,
If I do not have life and peace.


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