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Wretched Existence

August 14, 2006

Seems like an eternity but
This world’s just six days old
And ever since the start
Eyes suffer to behold

Whoever placed the world in man’s hands
We made a mess of it
Every war won is a phyrric victory
Siezed the prize but lives – they don’t matter

Now we fight over differences
That don’t matter to Him
Fearfully and wonderfully made
Sometimes I wonder if that’s the case

Eat, drink and be married (or fornicate)
Distraction is the sedative
For a sickness that cannot be cured
Except by a higher power

Survived by self is love (love has died)
Who cares about the lost sheep
Blindness is the new sense of sight
Those that care probably wither

Into singularity of loneliness
As humanity gets in the way of love
Yet again to rear it’s ugly head
Once bitten, twice shy – go figure

When the sky is falling down
I will confess in tongue
And praise and give thanks
For my life is not my own

Nietzche(Dan Brown, ) to hell with him
And all that deceive burn
Because I didn’t see scars of nails
Upon the hands of them

God has a plan for me
And what if that plan was to suffer (hypothesis)
Prosperity and poverty don’t guarantee
Only until the Clock stops ticking

Unveil my eyes and let me see
With gratefulness I take up this tree
As every pillar of hope degenerates
I’ll forever exalt thee (with my 2 cents worth)

Note to self: He gives success
Because remember the imperfection
And failure of the past
Only through Him can you overcome

What is this life but wretched existence
Life is short as we’re often told
But many do not know that
This world’s just six days old